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A letter from our doctors regarding Singulair (Montelukast)

Dear Patients:  Many of you are expressing concern regarding the recent FDA decision to put a black box warning on Singulair because of potential neuropsychiatric side effects, including depression, nightmares, and behavioral changes. These have been well known side effects … Continue reading

Info on Aimmune’s Drug, Palforzia, for Peanut Allergy

Recently, the FDA Allergenic Products Committee voted to approve Aimmune’s drug for reducing the severity of peanut allergies in children and teens. The drug’s brand name is set to be Palforzia and could receive full FDA approval early next year. … Continue reading

My allergies are miserable and my OTC meds don’t seem to be helping! When should I see an allergist?

This is a great question and one I get in clinic all of the time.  I can also relate to how frustrating allergy symptoms can be when not treated appropriately. If you are requiring a daily antihistamine and feel that … Continue reading

Summer Dust Mite Allergy

While not everyone has a dust mite allergy, many are irritated by dust.  Dust consists of many things and includes not only dust mites, but skin scale, pollen, mold spores and fibers.  Dust mites are tiny, microscopic creatures that belong … Continue reading

Direct-to-Consumer Lab Testing is Here, But Should You Order Your Own Lab Tests?

By Matt C. Bell, MD FACAAI – December 13, 2018 I guess it’s just a sign of the times. Emails went out this morning advertising that one of the country’s largest labs is now offering direct-to-consumer laboratory testing without a … Continue reading

Flu Shots & Egg Allergies

This time of year we get many questions regarding the correlation between egg allergies and flu shots. These questions can come from patients, parents, teachers, and even school nurses. Below is a letter written from our very own Dr. Bell … Continue reading

Recent Study Reports a Link Between Food Allergy & Autism, Or Does It? A Cautionary Tale.

Recent Study Reports a Link Between Food Allergy & Autism, Or Does It? A Cautionary Tale. Matt Bell, MD If you have been in our office, or in the office of any doctor worth his/her salt, recently you have probably … Continue reading